Counselling is a way through—through times and feelings that seem far from where you want to be. You may arrive at counselling feeling anxious, depressed, curious, hopeful. Andrea welcomes you exactly as you are, in any given moment, with equal caring, warmth and non-judgement—creating a space where you can learn to do the same.

Working with clients with an emphasis on compassion, mindfulness and somatic awareness, using a trauma informed approach.  Your sense of safety, agency and trust are of paramount importance.  Recognizing that many presenting symptoms and issues are coping mechanisms and survival strategies.  Your resilience and adaptability will be honoured.

Over the years, Andrea has shaped her counselling style through both practice and study—working with esteemed practitioners at the University of Ottawa, Vancouver College of Counsellor Training, Cura Institute and more.

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Andrea offers 20 minute phone consultations to see if she may be the right fit for you and responds to all communications within 72 hours. Voicemail is confidential. In your message, please specify the best day and time to reach you. You can also send a text message, if you prefer.

778 847-3732

Available Sunday’s