Massage has the potential to move us forward in many ways. Treatments can break down pain cycles, open restrictions, alleviate compensatory issues, and allow a natural healing process to many types of soft tissue problems.

Carrie’s massages are personalized to each client with the intent of tissues to heal, open and find balance. She utilizes deep tissue massage with a variety of clinically effective techniques, including elements of relaxation and breath to calm the nervous system. She encourages gentle stretches, exercises, client education and self care.

Area’s of clinical experience include:

• Soft Tissue Injury & Recovery
• Postural Imbalances & Tension
• Headaches & Migraine Recovery
• Chronic Myofascial, Tendon & Scar Maintenance
• Athletic Maintenance & Sports Injury
• Pain Referals (trigger point therapy)
• Strain, Sprain & Tendinitis Recovery
• Jaw Pain & Dysfunction (TMJ)
• Stress, Anxiety & Sleep Support
• Sinus pressure & inflammation

604 719-3327

Available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday




Carrie is amazing. She is attentive to your needs and your body’s concerns. Always gets the job done and I leave refreshed and rejuvenated. Her knowledge of the human body and treatments have helped me with severe injuries and chronic pain. Honestly I don’t know how I’ve done it with out her help! Highly recommend!

Tamar O.

Carrie is a great massage therapist. She listens to you and to your body. Very professional but fun, good hours, handy funky location.

Brenda K.

Carrie is warm, welcoming, and made me feel instantly comfortable. She is genuinely concerned with your needs, plays great music, and creates a cozy, warm environment you can relax in. I feel so relaxed and refreshed after her massages and would highly recommend her to everyone looking for a RMT!

Lynn D.

Great vibes, great music and awesome massage! I needed work done on my legs after running a half marathon and Carrie was excellent. Highly recommend!

Madeline C.