As a graduate from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, Kristen has been practicing in Vancouver since 2014. Truly loving her work, she finds anatomy and physiology to be endlessly fascinating. She enjoys furthering her learning by taking courses that inspire and up her skill set as a therapist. 

Listening intently to your health concerns, she tailors her treatment modalities to the clients individual needs, working together with your body’s natural healing process to achieve results.  She believes self-care is of the utmost importance and will provide home-care practices that complement your lifestyle.

Modalities utilized during treatment include myo-fascial release, trigger point therapy, joint mobilizations, craniosacral therapy, active + passive stretching and deep tissue massage.

Clinical experience includes:

•  Tissue Injury & Recovery
•  Imbalances & Tension
•  Headaches & Migraine Recovery
•  Maintenance & Sports Injury
•  Sprain & Tendinitis Recovery
•  Pain & Dysfunction (TMJ)
•  Depression, Anxiety & Sleep Support
•  Pressure and Inflammation

Available Sundays