5 Ways Massage Therapy Keeps You Younger

Being proactive about healthy choices and balance are key to aging gracefully. The benefits of massage are one of the most enjoyable, drug free choices for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying in check with your body. Here's 5 reasons Massage Therapy can help you feel younger, whatever age you are! 1. Helping you cope with stress Having...
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Increase the Good Vibes at Home

Nothing beats coming home to a cool, cozy space that you can't wait to kick back and relax in. I am totally loving my good house vibes these days, so I wrote a list of some of things that help keep my home in a positive groove. 1. Make the bed, er'y day Once I started making...
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Why Be All or Nothing?

How familiar is the "all or nothing" mindset to you? In the beginning, being all or nothing can be a very powerful energy. It triggers new ideas, creates a positive outlook and makes us feel epowered and driven. We should totally take advantage of these bursts that allow us to get wrapped up in excitement, inspiration and...
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Ladies, Have You Heard of Maya Abdominal Therapy?

Maya Abdominal Therapy is a powerful self-care tool for women. Sessions bring a positive practice to many common (and uncommon) women’s health issues surrounding the uterus and the abdomen, offering women an opportunity take a more active and conscious roll in their health and reproductive challenges that they face. Renee Warner has created a rare...
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Creating a Self-Care Practice

Self-care is about giving back to yourself, allowing space to be kind and nurturing in a positive way. It took a while for me to understand how to connect with my true self. It takes awareness and honesty to check in and be gentle when you need it most. Our lives become so complex with pressures,...
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Is Your Massage Therapist Authentic?

As a client, it can be hard to find a massage therapist who is the right fit. There are many options to choose from and it can be hard to know who is in fact “authentic” in their practice. It’s quite a lucrative job market out there in RMT land these days. With more schools in...
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So what’s fascia?

It is one thing and everything.

I love the way Brooke Thomas (of Liberated Body) defines it:

…a seamless piece of tissue that Saran wraps you just underneath the skin … it is a...

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Dear Mom: I Love You and Stuff

Dear Mom Mother's Day is fast approaching, and I was recently on the hunt for a gift to honour that special lady in my life; we have a typical Mother-Daughter relationship, which means we drive each crazy but love each other like crazy, too! I always like...
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Small Intentions Could Become Big Game Changers

  Photo By Alejandro Escamilla Putting your energy into something you want is a great way to create mini positive shifts in your life that can later become huge game changers. Hard copy proof of your intentions already puts the idea into action. Scribble something out on paper, start a journal, make a note or...
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One of a Kind Holiday Shopping on Main Street

Urban Source The act of giving and receiving gifts can seem fleeting, but as much as the holidays push consumerism, it can be a positive thing if you put your cash in the right places. This time of year is a great opportunity to give back to...
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